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    PROJECT TOMATO voice actors

    Psycho Posters
    Psycho Posters

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    PROJECT TOMATO voice actors

    Post  Homestonearts on Tue Nov 24, 2009 6:58 pm

    As you can see , i am searching good voice actors for my new project tomato.
    I only give this exclusive chance on this website, I don't offer that on Youtube, Facebook or Twitter.

    If you think, you can shut up and don't steal my ideas and you have a good voice, then you could possibly be a voice actor in it.


    -I don't need a noob
    -You must be older than 13
    -Don't add any effect in your voice
    -Don't share your text with anyone
    -Don't steal the idea (if you do then i can force you to remove your video thanks to the nice £ 48 of the swiss justicesystem) Very Happy

    I only give you informations you should know, i never will give you the whole script (only if you are the mainactor)
    If you want to join, then upload a video on youtube with the name voice audition for homestonearts and then post the video below my post. (you don't have to tell anyone that your voice audition is for this page)

    I hope nobody will join Smile


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